the tecu Sicajau family

the Tecu Sicajau family

Luis and Olegaria, and there 3 children live in Los Planes. The property they own measures 8X15 meters. He and his family used to live in Bella Vista, Jocotenango. Their location made them vulnerable to mudslides so they relocated 6 years ago when he purchased this land. Luis works as a mason earning around 7 dollars a day while Olegaria works in Jocotenango making and selling tortillas earning a salary of about 7 dollars a day. 


They have three children who are currently attending school, however they may only be able to send the youngest child to school. The youngest boy is in the third grade, he will continue studying at San Luis Las Carretas Public School. They lived in two shacks built with corrugated metal sheets and wood, with a cement floor. They have access to running water and electric service; however, they do not have a sewer system so they use and outdoor restroom. 

 They also used to have a room that they used as a kitchen. They where in need of a new home since they sufferd from cold weather during the night, along with leaks and moisture during the rainy season. They told us that their economic situation is so poor they are not able to cover all their needs, and sometimes they do not have enough to eat. But thanks to a CASA family they now have a house safe from mudslides and no need for repairs so they can put it towards their kids school and food.


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