the raxon chocoj  family

Raxon Chocoj family

Rocael inherited a piece of land from his parents about three years ago. Some of his relatives live in the same space (brother with his own families). They were living in a house built with corrugated metal sheets, wood, plastic, and cardboard with a dirt floor that was not in good conditions.


They had problems during the rainy season when all the water came inside of their house, they told us that this caused respiratory diseases on their children. Rocael is the head of this family, he works in agriculture in el Tejar, he gets a salary of $13 per week, and this is the only income they have. Vilma, the mother does not work; she stays at home to take care of her two children. 

They have access to running water, electric service and a sewer system. Only the oldest child attend to school. They where in need of a new home since they did not have the resources to build one by their own. But now thanks to CASA and a client they have a new home!


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