the guarcas tecu family

Guarcus Tecu Family

used to live in Vista Hermosa, Jocotenango; close to a cliff, however as a result of mudslides during the rainy season, their house was about to collapse so they moved over to Los Planes. They had lived there for four years. They then received a donation from the municipality of Pastores and they purchased a piece of land that measures 6X32 meters. 


They share that space with Maria's parents and her sister's family.   Maria Leticia’s husband died 4 years ago as a result of a car accident; she is the primary caregiver for her children.  She has been unemployed for 3 months; she used to work making and selling tortillas or cleaning houses. Her parents help her by providing food and clothing for the children. Faustian, Leticia's father works in agriculture or as a repairman part-time, earning a salary of $4 to $5 a day.

Josefina, Leticia's mother, works selling bread every day during the morning and afternoon. They all live in a shack built with corrugated metal sheets, wood with a dirt floor, they have access to running water and electricity; they do not have sewers, so they use a latrine. They have two beds, a wardrobe, and a couple of tables. They cook outside using wood with an open fire, sometimes they don’t have enough money to purchase food, so they only get to eat once or twice per day.


All of the children of this family attend school at Escuela Integral in Paramos. It is quite a distance from their home, so they spend $2.50 a day for the bus. But thanks to a casa client they are now safe from mudslides and the cold rain.

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