the talva tash family

Talva Tash Famliy

used to rent a house before getting the land to live, it was very difficult for them to afford it so they got a loan and bought their own piece of land where they are actually living now.


They used to live in a shack built with corrugated metal sheets and wood where they have just a few possessions: two beds, a radio, a wardrobe, a table and some plastic chairs. Juan, 33, is the head of this family; he works in the market selling t-shirts, earrings and some other items.

He makes around $133 month while his wife Nelly, 30, works washing clothes and earns around $10 per day. Nelly has health problems and needs frequent medical treatment. Thanks to a CASA client the Talva Tash family now has a solid roof over their heads and health care to take of Nelly.