the morales socorec family

Morales Socorec Family


Jaime and Mirna live on a piece of land they inherited from their parents about ten years ago, they now live there along with other relatives. Jaime and Mirna lived in a small room built with wood and plywood which was in a poor condition, the house had deteriorated. Due to the condition of the house, they suffered from cold weather during the night and wetness during the rainy season.




This had caused respiratory diseases in their children. Jaime works as a Bus driver from Monday to Sunday making around 10 dollars a day, this is the only income they have. Mirna is a housewife, she stays at home and takes care of her two babies. They have access to running water and electric service, and a sewer system; they also have a toilet for their use.  



They have a little space in the house that they use as a kitchen, they have a propane stove, (they use it only when they can afford the propane), two beds, a wardrobe, a television and a little dining table. They needed a  new home since they do not make enough money to build one on their own. But thanks to a CASA client they now have a new home and now they can be warm helping their kid's respiratory diseases.