the tecu rancho family

Tecu Ranchero Family


used to live in Vista Hermosa, Jocotenango; close to a cliff, however as a result of mudslides during the rainy season, their house was about to collapse so they moved to Los Planes. They have lived there for six years, they bought a piece of land that measures 8X15 meters about a year ago, they have all the papers on rule.





They live in a shack built with corrugated metal sheets, wood and dirt floor that measures about 4X4 meters, they had one bed, a bunk bed, two wardrobes, a tv, a radio, and two tables. Francisco, the father, is the primary caregiver for his children. He works as a mason at a school named Avivando el Fuego, from Monday to Friday and making around 106 dollars a month, he also works during the weekend when it is required Elsa is a housewife, she takes care of her home and children. They have access to running water, and electricity, they don’t have sewers they use a latrine.



Kimberly will be in 6th grade next year she studies at San Luis las Carretas public school, she is a good student and always gets good grades. Lester will start his first year of primary school, he will eat the same school as his sister. They told us that sometimes it’s difficult for them to provide all their children need especially with food. When Francisco is unemployed, Elsa works washing clothes, which makes just enough to buy food. The children got sick constantly from the cold weather they would suffer every night.




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