the gallina garcia family

Gallina Garcia family

Pedro is the head of his household, he works as a garbage collector with a salary of $26 per week with this he has to support his family and all of their needs. Before living in Pastores, the used to live in Jocotenango but they lost their home because of a mudslide and it collapsed because it was located on a hillside.


After that Veronica inherited a piece of land from her mother where they are actually living now. They used to live in a shack built with corrugated metal sheets and dirt floor where they have 3 beds, a wardrobe, and a television, they fortunately have access to running water, electricity, and plumbing.

Their children are not at school anymore because they don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses. But thanks to a CASA client they have been able to stop spending money on needs of taking care of the house and now use it on food and school.