the samol perez family


Somal Perez Family


Currently, the Samol Perez family are living in a shack built with corrugated metal sheets, and plastic with a dirt floor. The home is in bad condition; it gets very cold during the night and damp during the rainy season. Fortunately, they have access to running water, drainage and electric service. Clementina and her oldest sons are the heads of the family, she works sewing and selling pieces of clothes while her sons work as builders making $27 per week, this is the only income they have.




Clementina has two daughters Julisa who is 14 years old and studying Junior High School at San Antonio and Silvia, the oldest daughter who is 21 years old and has special needs. She has a psychomotor impairment and needs special care from her mother. Her mother and brothers work very hard to provide everything she needs. Fortunately, because of a  CASA client, they now have a home that is stable and they don’t have to pay for repairs making it easier for them to take care of their oldest daughter.