the martinez ordoñez

Martinez Ordoñez Family

Julio and his family live on a small piece of land that only measures 8X5 meters. He and his family used to rent a little room in the neighboring town, they had to pay rent every month, so they relocated 4 years ago when he purchased this land.  They share that space with Julio´s parents who help them with the house expenses. They were living in two rooms built with corrugated metal sheets with cement floor.



Jose is the head of this household; he works temporarily as a masonry in Ciudad Vieja getting a salary of $320 a month. Karina does not work; she is dedicated solely to the care of the house. They have access to running water, electric service and a sewer system, paying around $13 monthly for these services. They have two children who currently attend school at Ciudad Vieja. They also have a room that they use as a kitchen.


They needed a new home since they suffered from the cold weather during the night. They told us that during the rainy season, the water is poured through the house and they have to move their belongings so they do not get wet. Their economic situation is so poor they are not able to cover all their needs. But thanks to our clients, the Martinez Ordoñez family has a solid roof over their heads now, and they do not have to pay for repairs. Now they can focus that money on food and their kids.